Cyber Trivia

Cyber Trivia is back. Virtually.

The format will be as similar to the old days of human contact as possible (without any of the contact). There will be a Zoom meeting. Questions will be asked in rounds and then teams will break out into rooms to discuss/argue after each round and answers will be sent to me. I will score them in my usual impartial manner and then another round occurs. This will be fun.

The entry fee is $1.88 per person. (New- see the 12 pack option below.) Teams will be divided up in the beginning (per your requests). Teams require at least one member including yourself (same as always).

To join just click the link and pay. You will receive a registration email within a few hours with a Zoom link.

The fun begins THURSDAY at 8pm. The winning team will be featured on the Cyber Café West Facebook page with any graphic you want. You are playing for fame.


NEW If you want to play Cyber’s (virtual) Team Trivia but don’t want to bother doing the Paypal sign-up each week, the powers-that-be have developed the option of a 12 Pack of Trivia.

12 weeks of Trivia for the price of 11. ($20.68)

If you chose the 12 Pack option, you will automatically get a Zoom Link every Thursday for the next 12 nights of Team Trivia. If you can’t make a week just email me ( before Thursday and an additional week will be added.

Click the button below to pay to play.

Entry for Cyber Trivia Thursday 8 pm

Karaoke on 2nd Tuesdays